#7 Meditate

This is the post I have imagined writing since I started this blog.  But first, I had to meditate.  Perhaps you are like me, and meditation seems like a great idea, and you want to try it someday.  Maybe it in on your “to do” list.  I can be a little manic-crazy at times, and really low and lazy and slow at other times.  I was hoping meditation would help me out with this, with the highs and lows, with being more intentional.  I wanted to do it regularly, maybe even daily.  Of course, writing this now, I can say that though I have finally tried meditation, I am no expert.  Maybe no one ever is though.  Meditation is like that.  It’s an experience, an experience that is different for everyone, an experience where there are lots of ways, but no right or wrong way.  It’s a bit like parenting that way.  You’re never an expert, or else everyone already is.  You’ll never master it.  It will never be done.  You’ll never get a gold star for doing it, and if you do it right, no one need every know how much work you put into it, and how many wonderful things come of it.  Why would I want to do ANOTHER thing like that?  You may ask.  Because this time, it’s just for you.

I started with the book 8 Minute Meditation, by Victor Davich, recommended (and bought) for me by my dad.  It’s a very straight-forward introduction to meditation, and it succeeded in getting me stared meditation with very little fuss or bother.  I found the author’s enthusiastic praise and fuss around the actual practice to be pretty annoying, but still, I started meditating, eight minutes a day.  That lasted until the book was finished being read.  I hadn’t meditated since then, until I started attending a mindfulness parenting group this month.  The instructor introduced me to a series of free guided meditations available through iTunes here.  Wow!  Maybe these are just what I needed.  I’m really enjoying using ten minutes of my afternoon, while my baby sleeps, to tune in, and to tune out.  I hope to keep the practice up.  I hope it continues to settle me into myself, and into the world.

How about you?  What meditation practices have you tried?  What has worked?  When do you find time?

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