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#11 Carve Out Some Space

Recently I moved.  We moved to a smaller, cleaner house.  We got rid of some things we no longer needed, which might e the only good think about moving.  Purging.  And starting fresh with less.  It was a perfect opportunity for me to carve out some quality space for myself.  My family and I share a lot of things:  food,  closets, dressers, drawers in the bathroom, bedrooms, beds… really, it’s a lot.  I find lately that I am craving more space for myself, even privacy.  I want passwords no one else knows.  I want desk drawers that lock.  I want to sleep on the couch sometimes and have it be accepted as what it is:  mommy needing some room to breathe.

My first project has been to set up my desk, my OWN desk.  Unlike Sylvia P, I can’t have a whole room of my own, even the storage closet it too precious a space.  But I can create my own little corner.  I have a desk with three drawers and two small bookcases.  These are all for me.  I decorate them simply in a way that inspires me, fill my drawers with craft supplies and my writing books.  I haven’t sat there yet, but just knowing this little oasis is waiting for me makes me smile.

Soon I will learn to carve out some time as well.

So be bold! Be brave!  Find a used desk, move some furniture, create a little nook for reading, writing, collaging, collecting yourself.  Let yourself have some physical space in your home to remind yourself of the emotional and spiritual space you deserve, and must learn to take.

#10 Draw a Heart

Not for Valentine’s day, though you can do that too.  Draw a heart on the back of your hand, put it on a ring, bracelet, your fingernails, wherever you will notice it most.  Do this to remind yourself to love unconditionally, to love when you don’t want to, to open your heart when your 4 year old says “fucky head! I hate you!”  Do this to retrain yourself, your responses.  Do this to remember also to keep an open heart for yourself, to practice loving and forgiving even yourself.

Inspired by the Daily Groove, by Scott Noelle (copied below)
THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Unreasonable Love ::

To love *unconditionally* means you don’t need a
“reason” to justify loving. In other words…

1. When you have a good reason to love, then you love.
2. When you have a good reason *not* to love, you love anyway.
3. You love for no reason at all.

In our conditional-loving culture, “reasonable” loving
is the norm. So today let’s practice the second and
third types of loving…

Whenever your child behaves in a way that would
conventionally be seen as an excuse to love *less*,
be a rebel and love *more*! That doesn’t mean praising
behavior you dislike, it means responding with your
heart wide open.

Also, draw a heart on the back of your hand (or create
any easily noticeable cue), and whenever you notice
it, say “I love you” or offer your child a hug, a
loving gaze, or any loving gesture.

How does it feel to love “just because”? Are you
willing to love *yourself* “unreasonably” too? 🙂